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63 flights, 3564 calls, missed anniversaries, short-weekend trips. Welcome to the world of long distance relationships.

I met this amazing guy a year and a half back. He was perfect (almost). Tall, funny, smart, freakishly strong, someone addicted to coffee, loves travel, adventure, doesn’t back out from a 12 hour hike and listens to my moody rants — perfect. I’d found my 6’2 inches of happiness and was ready to walk into the sunset and give Disney a call. BUT, here’s the catch — he lived slightly afar. the 4 hours-by-flight kind. Fast forward to today, we are planning a…

Do you remember the Ha Ling peak? It was an exquisite hike on a perfect day and I was sure I could add this to my list of things I’d accomplished that year.

I made my way up 700 metres, with only 64 more to go. An easy task you’d say. What’s the last 64 metres when I’d just hiked up 700? However, as you could agree, things rarely go as we expect.

I remember how I was paralyzed, clinging to a rock, while people passed me by. I looked up at the rocky summit and down at the valley…

On a sweltering Delhi afternoon, my grandmother and I entered the lavish United coffee house to both escape the heat and also enjoy some chai at the charming establishment. Run by staff that seems as old as the place itself, we ordered a salad and some sandwiches while still leaving room for the Mughlai kebabs awaiting at dinner time.

The United Coffee House Photo by Neha Viswanathan ©

Seated to our right, I noticed a solitary, old man, probably in his 70s, having this afternoon cuppa. He seemed like it was his daily ritual, tea and people watching. …

As I scout for weekend hikes in Vancouver, the grandeur of the peaks towering over the ocean depths and the prospect of conquering one of those crown jewels is liberating. I think of the unreachable and my doubts evaporate, leaving me with the curiosity to discover my inane desires and tacit ambition. In addition to this jolting realization, there have been cues that have prompted me to think this way since the past day or two. I’ll share one of them with you.

A cancer survivor was narrating her story on social media. I was going to scroll over as…

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